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Useful Information

 Load Restraint Guide (National Transport Commission)

  • Use a vehicle appropriate for the type of load you are carrying.
  • Position the load correctly.
  • Use suitable restraint equipment for the load you are carrying.
  • Use good quality restraint equipment, in good condition.
  • Check your load restraint immediately before leaving and during your trip.
  • You are driving under different, more difficult conditions when you are carrying certain types of loads.
  • Unload safely.
  • Failure to restrain a load correctly on a vehicle may result in legal action being taken against any persons involved.

For further information please contact National Transport Commission Australia or go to www.ntc.gov.au

Safe Towing

Towing is very different from everyday driving – it requires additional driving skills and safety precautions.
As a driver, you have a legal responsibility to other road users and yourself when towing a trailer, caravan or other vehicle to drive to suit the conditions.
Also, the towing vehicle, trailer and its load must meet all legal and safety requirements.
A rear plate on a vehicle is allowed to be obscured if it is towing another registered vehicle that has its number plate/s displayed.
For further information regarding safe towing please contact your local Transport Office.

Note: Do not tow your trailer after midnight on the expiry date if you have not paid your registration fees. Your trailer will be unregistered, your CTP void and you may incur substantial fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is load restraint important? ( National Transport Commission)

Every year Australians are injured and killed in crashes caused by unrestrained loads. This occurs when:
  • Heavy objects fall from vehicles on to other vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Drivers swerve to avoid falling or fallen items from vehicles.
  • Spillage on roads from lost loads causes vehicles to skid and lose control.
  • Unrestrained loads crash into vehicle cabins during emergency braking.
  • Vehicle overturn because of loads shifting while cornering.
Everyday driving maneuvers can involve heavy braking or cornering forces. Without sufficient restraint to counteract these forces, loads can fall from vehicles or shift causing loss of steering control.

The National Road Transport Reform (Mass and Loading) Regulations 1995 require that:
  • A load on a vehicle must not be placed in a way that makes the vehicle unstable or unsafe.
  • A load on a vehicle must be secured so that it is unlikely to fall or be dislodged from the vehicle.
  • An appropriate method must be used to restrain the load on a vehicle.

2. What is a trailer safety chain and do I need one? – Standards Australia

Absolutely! this is an extremely important safety aspect of your trailer and should be used in all circumstances and at all times. A trailer safety chain is a chain attached between the drawbar and the tow bar for the purpose of retaining connection between the towing vehicle and the trailer in the event of coupling failure.

3. What are the benefits of galvanized steel trailers?
  • Low maintenance – minimizes long term cost
  • Extends lifespan of trailer
  • Strength and durability and very reliable
  • Toughest coating providing protection in aggressive working environments.

4. How often should I maintain my trailer?

Trailer maintenance is extremely important much like car maintenance, if a vehicle is not properly maintained it will become unreliable and unsafe not just to yourself but to other road users as well. Maintenance should be carried out at least every 6 months or more if trailer is used on a daily basis.
  • All hinges and catches need to be checked and lubricated to ensure safety.
  • Jack the trailer side up to check for wheel bearing side play.
  • Regularly grease and check coupling and coupling mounting bolts.
  • Regularly check safety chain, this is paramount in the event of coupling failure.
  • Whether camping on the beach or 4WD on muddy dirt roads upon returning home ensure that the trailer and chassis are thoroughly washed and sprayed with a lanolin based lubricant.
  • Frequently ensure that your trailer lights are in good working condition.
  • Of course if your like the rest of us and live hectic lives and never seem to have the time for your trailer maintenance MJ Trailers offer a trailer maintenance where all the above and more are carried out. For this service please call to book your trailer in.

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